Payroll Card

Payroll Card Programs (Paycards)

Payroll card programs provide abundant advantages for employers

  • Cost Savings

    • Maximize direct deposit cost savings by enabling participation to employees who would otherwise be ineligible

    • Payroll cards can help companies save up to $50/employee annually on payroll distribution costs

  • Increased Security – greater fraud protection

  • Improved Benefits Program

  • Process Improvements – greater efficiency

Payroll card programs also provide great advantages for employees

  • Easy, Convenient, Safe

    • Simple sign up

    • Protection – FDIC insured

    • Fraud protection for lost/stolen cards

    • Less expensive than check cashing alternatives

    • Remote balance check via text, internet, or phone

Click the button below to listen to an exclusive interview with Mr. Patrick Brown SVP. In this interview Mr. Brown shares his experience providing payroll card programs to staffing firms and the savings that can be achieved.

Preferred Payroll Card Provider:

Skylight Financial is a world-class organization that is 100% compliant with all Paycard industry regulations. With approximately $10 billion of gross debit volume processed annually, they are perfectly positioned to help you take full advantage of a Payroll Card Program for your company.

To contact Skylight Financial about the benefits you could realize from a Payroll Card system, call Annette Kochli at 877-797-0142 or simply email