5 Ways Texting Streamlines the Staffing Process

Jessica Ayre

The staffing process is filled with back-and-forth communications, and 77% of people say texting is the fastest way to reach them.

Texting allows your staffing team to communicate with job candidates instantaneously, so you can do things like:

  • Confirm you received applications
  • Schedule interviews
  • Ask quick questions
  • Share interview tips
  • Follow-up after interviews
  • Share important paperwork, including onboarding materials

You can do all this through your existing office phone number and app, so you don’t have to use your personal cell number. All it takes is a well-equipped business texting software.


Below are five ways to use texting to streamline your staffing process.
1. Vet candidates through text
Text message job candidates to ask questions related to basic screening, such as:

  • What is your availability?
  • What are your qualifications?
  • Can you do remote or hybrid work?
  • Are you in the area?

From there, you’ll be able to determine if the candidate is a good fit for the job before scheduling an interview. Getting these answers back quickly will help you with the decision-making process, allowing you to move on and be more productive.


2. Schedule interviews by text
You want to get promising candidates on the phone ASAP, but they won’t answer your calls or emails.

The SMS interview scheduling process is much faster and looks something like this:

  1. Text a virtual calendar link with available interview time-and-date slots, so candidates can pick one that works.
  2. Depending on the timeline between scheduling and having the interview, send a text reminder an hour or two before the interview to the candidate to ensure that everyone is on the same page.
  3. After the interview, send a text to thank the candidate and let them know that you’ll keep them posted about the next steps.

Confirming these interview slots quickly through text ensures you lock in more quality candidates.


3. Encourage applicants to text their questions about the position
Candidates may have questions that aren’t necessarily worth the effort of an email or a phone call, and that’s where texting comes in handy for quick correspondence.

Text to answer FAQ’s like:

  • What is the timeline for the staffing process?
  • When can I expect to hear back?
  • What is the next step in the process?
  • What is the salary?
  • What are the goals related to this position?
  • Is there a 90-day plan for onboarding?

Texts like these also establish a quick line of communication for when you need to get a candidate's attention again.


4. Keep candidates in the loop about their application status with text updates
There’s no such thing as a one and done staffing process. Use text to touch base with candidates about:

  • When their application is received or reviewed
  • Any follow-up documents you may need
  • What’s next for them
  • Deadlines or important changes

It never hurts to give candidates some helpful tips about what to expect or what could help them during the next round of interviews and the process from there. You want them to look good and be prepared, because it makes you look good while helping the interview be more productive for everyone.


5. Provide onboarding steps via text after offering a position
New workers have questions to ask and forms to sign before they can hit the ground running. Text them all the information and forms they need, including:

  • Sending links to short documents
  • Links to useful company resources
  • General reminders, like dress code requirements and parking spots
  • Instructions on how to clock in and out

Texting also makes it easy to complete any necessary paperwork and to pass along company documents like the handbook. All you’ll have to do is add the document as an attachment, or a shared cloud folder.

This helps new workers go through the onboarding process faster and smoother, which ultimately benefits everyone involved.


Ready to add business texting to your recruitment strategy?

Texting is a valuable way to communicate with candidates during the hiring process, and the best way to do it is with a business texting software that fits your needs. To start texting professionally visit www.textrequest.com, or contact Kat Wright at kat@textrequest.com.

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