Dear Just Ask Judy:

“My clients are asking me to perform a background check on my applicant. How do I differentiate one background screening company from another?” … Kyle in Kansas


Dear Kyle in Kansas:

Recruiters understand that a background check is a key element in the hiring process and is a step that should not be neglected! To expand on this understanding, I talked to Travis Powell, President of Essential Screens, which focuses on this important service. Travis says that accredited background screening involves conducting thorough checks on potential employees to ensure they have the necessary qualifications, skills, and background to perform their duties effectively and safely.


Travis highlights that one of the main points of a good background check is that it can prevent the loss of a valuable client. Companies that fail to conduct proper background checks risk hiring individuals who may not be suitable for the job, leading to potential issues. Employers can avoid the potential loss of multimillion-dollar clients by investing a small amount of money in a comprehensive background check.


Travis explained that another important aspect of accredited background screening is understanding legal requirements. Laws regarding background checks vary from state to state, making it essential for companies to partner with screening companies that are knowledgeable about these regulations. By working with a screening company that understands the legalities surrounding background checks, employers can ensure that they avoid any potential legal issues and operate within the boundaries of the law.


Finally, he emphasizes the importance of working with an accredited background screening company. Accreditation involves undergoing audits and meeting high industry standards regarding processes, policies, and best practices. Only about 15% of background screening companies have this accreditation, making it a significant factor to consider when choosing a screening partner. Accreditation assures that the company follows strict guidelines and maintains high professionalism and quality in its work.


We appreciate Travis sharing this information with us. To know more about how an accredited screening company can help you, contact Travis Powell at 308-381-2664 or email him directly at

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