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Become The Go-To Source for Your Clients

Position your company to provide solutions for your clients’ hiring needs.  Become the “Go-to” source so that your clients see that you have their best interests at heart. Although currently unemployment is still relatively low, we are starting to see layoffs at some major clients. Just this week we see Alphabet, Microsoft, and Vox Media announce layoffs that will affect more than 22,000 employees. This comes on the heels of companies like Google, Amazon, Goldman Sachs, and Salesforce announcing staff reductions. Yahoo plans on laying off 20% of their workforce by the end of the year. The phase “Last-In, First Out” still rings true. LinkedIn states this will affect Millennials disproportionally. Given that there may be a loss of direct hire positions, this will lead to stiffer competition for contract labor. The trend will turn to contract jobs, flex-time jobs, “gig” engagements, and other non-traditional arrangements.

You need to exert more effort to keep up with your clients’ labor requirements. Stay in contact with all your placements within the last 2 years. Make sure they are not part of this trend. Your candidates will see that you are truly concerned about their wellbeing and that they are not seen as just another number. If layoffs are affecting them, ask if they would be interested in a contract position. There is still work to be done!

Finding a short-term labor solution for your clients will enable them to continue their operations unimpeded at minimum risk. Temp and contract placements can fill the void and may even result in a good fit.  You will earn an income stream throughout the assignment duration and earn a conversion fee should the temp or contract hire go direct.

Being the Go-to source for your client is critical to your continued success. You can strengthen the relationship with both your applicant pool and your client companies by showing your knowledge of the current economic unrest and concern for the success of all.  Become an industry expert and a valued partner. Offer a spectrum of solutions by being prepared to furnish direct hire, contract, or temp-to-hire placements. This will enable you to be there first, ahead of the competition. You will make yourself indispensable to your clients by relieving them of their labor headaches now and going into the future, no matter what it holds. Don’t let the competition take your place!

You can prepare yourself now by modifying the contract you already have in place to include temp,  contract and temp-to-hire options as a supplement to your direct hire offerings. If you are not already set up with a back-office provider, now is the time to establish this relationship. This easy step will not cost you anything and you can be ready to provide these services immediately. By preparing yourself now you can BECOME THE GO-TO SOURCE FOR YOUR CLIENTS!

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