Human resource

The Future Of HR

HR is changing, evolving, and right in front of our very eyes!

Errors and Omissions Insurance

Protection and Benefits of Errors and Omissions Insurance

Staffing agencies frequently become defendants in discrimination and harassment lawsuits for poor conduct…

Light Duty Programs

Seven Steps to Light Duty Programs

Assigning an employee with a disability to a light-duty program can be a reasonable accommodation…

Open Workers’ Compensation Claim

Terminating an Employee With an Open Workers’ Compensation Claim

Can an employer discipline or terminate an employee who has an open workers’ compensation claim?

introduction to success

Introduction To Success!

Start a new revenue stream by building your temporary or contract division from your existing direct hire or executive search business.


Boosting Staffing Firm Profits: One-Platform Solution

In the ever-evolving staffing industry, challenges abound, from market fluctuations …

Loser Language

Cut Back on Loser Language and Defeatist Thoughts!

The language a recruiter uses is a key indicator of their mind set and attitude.

National Criminal Database

The National Criminal Database Search – What Does It Really Get You?

The National Criminal Database search is one of the most common components found in background screening packages today.

Background Checking

The Importance of Background Checking in the Recruiting Industry

In the recruiting industry, background checking is a critical step that must be considered.