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December 29, 2017
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January 3, 2018

Business Buyers Wanted

Business Buyers Wanted

Gordon Bizar

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“This decade will see the largest transfer of wealth and power in human history as Baby Boomer owned businesses are transferred to the next generation,” according to Gordon Bizar, President of Bizar Financing.

According to information compiled by the US Small Business Administration (SBA), every day in the US alone 7,000 Baby Boomers reach retirement age. More than 3% of them (210) own a significant business. Yet less than 17% of these companies are being transferred to their owner’s children or grand kids. That means 83% of them or 174 money making companies are being put up for sale every day. Shockingly, more than 75% of these companies will never be sold. Think of this, that’s 131 good companies that will be liquidated every day for lack of a qualified buyer.Incredibly, these numbers escalate day-by-day until they double by the end of the decade when the full impact of the Boomer retirement wave hits.

According to Gordon Bizar, “This represents an incredible opportunity for entrepreneurs with knowledge of business acquisition and financial leverage.” If you want to seize this opportunity, one of two things needs to be true. Either you already are a streetwise, financially-savvy entrepreneur with business buying know-how. Or, you are anxious and willing to learn. The emphasis here is on the anxious…in fact anxious enough not to let grass grow under your feet. Why? These are tough economic times for most businesses. Yet, the greatest fortunes that have been built in America were born in the Great Depression and other major recessions since. How?

According to Gordon Bizar, “By using a simple business strategy tailor made for these trying times. Buy several struggling competing companies at a bargain; consolidate the efficient assets; shed the inefficient assets; then settle out the liabilities at pennies on the dollar with creditors who are thrilled that they now have a viable customer.” Gordon Bizar has the advantage of perspective. He has been buying and building companies since the late 1960’s. He took his first company public in 1969 after acquiring over a dozen financial service companies and combining their operations for greater efficiency and stronger marketing. He prospered through the Nixon recession years, the Carter malaise and early Reagan recession years by buying up and combining manufacturing companies. Gordon has since taught his techniques of business building and success to more than 270,000 executives and managers and over 35,000 business owners worldwide.

According to Gordon Bizar, the recent economic collapse and financial meltdown has put the sale of most small and mid-sized companies on ice. “With little hope of a major economic turnaround anytime soon, there are lots of sellers and few buyers.” Whether or not a business purchase can be financed during this or any other recession depends on whether the required amount of equity and debt financing can be raised in an environment where both are in short supply.

Follow Gordon’s logic here. Put yourself in the place of a 65 year old business owner. Your company profits have evaporated over the last couple of years. You may even be looking at losses. You look down the road and see several years of sacrifice and struggle before regaining profitability. If you are realistic about the state of the economy, you realize that it will probably take 5 to 7 years to rebuild your company to its former level of profitability. And then you ask yourself that all important question; “Do I have the energy, the enthusiasm, and the will to do it again at my age?” A vast percent of these business owners are answering; “No.” “I’d rather cash out now and enjoy my ‘golden years’ as best I can.” So as the business owner, what are your options? You put the business up for sale. It’s paying your salary, but it’s no longer profitable. Its value in the marketplace is little more than its liquidation value. To add insult to injury, even rare buyers do not have enough cash and there are no lenders willing to loan buyers the necessary funds.Liquidation is becoming the default option for Boomer business owners caught in this predicament.

By trying to hold on to a company that may be losing money, the owner risks a business career ending in bankruptcy and an old age that should have ended with prosperity, ending in stress and frustration.There’s a whole generation of Boomer owners looking for a way to turn their business entities into cash. But they’re stuck because, their profits are down, valuations are low, buyers have no cash and no one is lending.

According to Gordon Bizar, “This is a buyer’s market that belongs to streetwise financially savvy entrepreneurs willing to get the business buying know-how to capitalize on the opportunity.” If you are not one of the already knowledgeable, this the time to get the know-how, that when added to what you already know about your business field, can propel you to your own personal fortune. Gordon’s website features a free 25 minute video which shows how people are buying companies during tough times with little or no cash of their own using financial leverage.

One of American founding fathers, Thomas Paine said about his era – “These are the times that try men’s souls.” According to Gordon Bizar and our era, “These are the times that men (and women) try.”

We might all do well to recall the quote from Shakespeare, Julius Caesar.
There is a tide in the affairs of men, Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune; Omitted, all the voyage of their life Is bound in shallows and in miseries.

Is there a business field you know well? Do you have a dozen or so years of vibrant energy in front of you? Then this is your flood. Prepare yourself. Then, seize the moment.