Partner Spotlight Karen Connor


Partner Spotlight Karen Connor In this week’s Partner Spotlight, we feature a pioneer in the staffing and recruiting industry. With over twenty-five years of experience, our spotlight partner builds bridges with technology and partnerships. As a resource and partner for staffing firms, she ensures that businesses operate effectively.   Karen Connor is an enterprising business…

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SEP or Simple: Which IRA is Right for Your Business?

By Tom Fischer

If you’re like most small business owners, you consider your business to be anything but small.

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How Artificial Intelligence Can Streamline Your Business  

By Kristen Moyher

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer a concept confined to the realms of science fiction.

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Partner Spotlight Graham Halonen


Partner Spotlight Graham Halonen In this edition of our Partner Spotlight, we feature an inspiring story of resilience and strategic innovation from the field of business development and IT recruiting. With over twenty years of experience, our spotlight partner dives into the trials and triumphs of competing in a market dominated by much larger companies.…

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Is Your Business Rain Dancing for Profits?

By Leah Funk

There’s a particular way of doing things when it comes to business. Whenever entrepreneurs establish their companies,…

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7 Reasons Businesses Need to Focus on Risk Management 

By Wilson Cole

Risk management is a key part of any business that involves identifying, assessing,…

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Nurturing Success: Cultivating Strategic Partnerships

By Fred Kaplan

Strategic partnerships are more than business transactions; they are relationships grounded in trust and shared vision.

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The Workforce and Workplace Have Rapidly Changed – Have You?

By Barb Bruno

Have you ever continued to do things the same way, even when you’re not happy with your results.

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How You Can STILL Make Money When Deals Fall Apart

By Scott Love

Opportunities abound in your setbacks…

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The Importance of Background Checking in the Recruiting Industry

By Travis Powell

In the recruiting industry, background checking is a critical step that must be considered.

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