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Partner Spotlight

David Johnson

In this week's Partner Spotlight, we feature David Johnson, a trailblazer in the employee benefits sector for the staffing industry. As an Employee Benefit Specialist with extensive experience, David and his team at Esprit Benefits excel in designing healthcare and employee benefit packages that significantly contribute to the health and profitability of staffing companies.


With 157 million Americans receiving their health insurance through their employers, the importance of a strategic and well-structured benefits plan cannot be overstated. David Johnson is dedicated to helping staffing firms nationwide develop effective employee benefits strategies tailored to their unique needs. His expertise is invaluable in fostering healthy workplace environments and promoting company growth.


David's commitment to excellence and innovation in employee benefits has made him a trusted ally for staffing companies across the country. His personalized approach ensures that each client receives a benefits package that meets their needs and enhances their overall business performance.

Fun Facts:

  • Podcast Pioneer: During the pandemic, David hosted a national, in-person podcast focused on the Military and Veteran Community. This platform provided valuable insights and support to veterans and their families. Check it out here: The David Johnson Show.
  • Remote Work Advocate: Fully embracing the remote work model, David travels across the country while effectively servicing staffing companies from California to Chicago. This flexibility allows him to stay connected with clients and address their needs promptly and efficiently.
  • Cold Plunge Enthusiast: For the past two years, David has been dedicated to cold plunging in 45-degree water four days a week. He finds this practice invigorating and beneficial for both physical and mental well-being.

With open enrollment right around the corner, now is the perfect time to contact David for an open and honest conversation about custom employee benefit strategies for you and your employees. His strategic insights and hands-on approach can help you navigate the complexities of employee benefits, ensuring that your company is well-positioned for success.

You can find out more by contacting David at espritbenefits.com or david@espritbenefits.com.