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Partner Spotlight

Karen Connor

In this week's Partner Spotlight, we feature a pioneer in the staffing and recruiting industry. With over twenty-five years of experience, our spotlight partner builds bridges with technology and partnerships. As a resource and partner for staffing firms, she ensures that businesses operate effectively.


Karen Connor is an enterprising business professional, dedicated to helping staffing agencies across the US unlock the full potential of COATS Staffing Software. She specializes in sharing with clients how to build strong client and employee relationships by using technology, which is paramount to her success and theirs. Delivering ROI-focused training on industry-leading front and back-office staffing software has been a game-changer for her clients. Her goal is to empower her client’s staff to leverage these tools for peak performance, not just navigate them. Join us as we learn more about Karen and her current role as Vice President, Business Development at COATS Staffing Software.

Fun Facts:

  • Big heart, small warriors: Karen's got a 13-year history of supporting Roc Solid, a foundation that brings joy to families battling childhood cancer. From hospital care bags to backyard playsets, she helps build hope during difficult times.
  • From classroom to software champion: Before diving into the family business, COATS Staffing Software, Karen's passion for education led her to be a teacher. Now, she empowers others by unlocking the potential of staffing technology.
  • Outer Banks haven: Karen and her family have created a beachside haven in Manteo. With houses and condos scattered across the Outer Banks, it's the perfect spot for family reunions and creating lasting memories.

In today’s business environment, staffing companies must navigate changing trends, and Karen is leading the charge to leverage business growth. Find out more at coatssql.com and contact her at kconnor@coatssql.com.