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Partner Spotlight

Steve Gipson

In this week's Partner Spotlight, we feature Steve Gipson, a recruiting industry veteran with over 15 years of experience, and the Director of Sales and Operations at Recruiters Websites. After spending seven years as a recruiter with a boutique search firm, Steve joined Recruiters Websites, a digital marketing agency specializing in the recruitment industry. For the past decade, Recruiters Websites has helped over 750 firms of all sizes and specialties enhance their digital presence and increase their placements through expertise in digital marketing, website development, and SEO services.

Steve’s journey in recruiting began with a strong foundation in direct placements, allowing him to develop a keen understanding of the recruitment process and the digital needs of recruiting firms. His transition to Recruiters Websites enabled him to leverage his recruiting experience and passion for technology, providing valuable insights to help clients optimize their online strategies and achieve better results.

Under Steve’s guidance, Recruiters Websites has consistently delivered innovative digital solutions tailored to the unique needs of each client. His commitment to staying ahead of industry trends and dedication to client success have made him a trusted advisor in the recruitment community.

Fun Facts:

  • Mediocre Musician: Steve tries his best to play various musical instruments. After visiting two conferences in Nashville, TN, earlier this year, he has embarked on playing the pedal steel guitar.
  • Meme Maker: Steve is the self-proclaimed “best recruiting meme/gif producer” in the industry. His LinkedIn profile is updated daily with recruiting-focused memes that offer great perspectives on the day-to-day adventures of recruiters.
  • Munificent Missourian: Steve served on the board of his local Jaycees chapter, a national organization that creates development opportunities empowering young people to create positive change. Additionally, he serves as an elder in his local church assembly.

Steve’s blend of recruiting expertise and digital marketing acumen continues to drive Recruiters Websites' success, helping numerous firms thrive in the digital age. His innovative approach ensures that each client receives a customized strategy that enhances their online presence and boosts their overall business performance.

Connect with Steve Gipson on LinkedIn, email him at, or visit to learn more about his professional journey, see his latest memes, or say hello!