Payroll Card

Payroll Card Programs (Paycards)

Payroll card programs provide abundant advantages for employers

  • Cost Savings
  • Maximize direct deposit cost savings by enabling participation to employees who would otherwise be ineligible

    Payroll cards can help companies save up to $50/employee annually on payroll distribution costs

  • Increased Security – greater fraud protection
  • Improved Benefits Program
  • Process Improvements – greater efficiency

Payroll card programs also provide great advantages for employees

  • Easy, Convenient, Safe
  • Simple sign up

    Protection – FDIC insured

    Fraud protection for lost/stolen cards

    Less expensive than check cashing alternatives

    Remote balance check via text, internet, or phone

Preferred Payroll Card Provider

Skylight Financial is a world-class organization that is 100% compliant with all Paycard industry regulations. With approximately $10 billion of gross debit volume processed annually, they are perfectly positioned to help you take full advantage of a Payroll Card Program for your company.

To contact Skylight Financial about the benefits you could realize from a Payroll Card system.

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