The economy is growing at a record pace. Jobs are being created across the labor spectrum and the competition for workers is fierce. Many of these new jobs will be filled by temp, temp to hire, or contract workers. With a few simple steps you can position your firm for growth and take advantage of this exciting trend in the labor market.

If you have not already done so, start the conversation now with your existing clients with a personal phone call. What a great call! You can follow up with a text or email but make the physical call. Let your clients hear your voice. Know what your clients’ goals are for the year ahead. You are there to help them meet their new goals! Ask your client - “How can I help”! Recently when I was talking to a client, I said I was there to help her and to make her job easier – She said “Wow – I think you are the only one!”

This is part of relationship building. Know your top 3-5 clients. Let them know how important they are to you; position yourself as the industry expert; know ahead of time what might affect them in the near future: whether that is a new law coming into effect or you have a new market analysis. Make sure you convey your knowledge of the marketplace and your willingness to help. Your clients will appreciate your customer service and will look to you as a business resource.

Have your contracts in place now so you can be ready to go instead of waiting and being put on hold because you don’t have a signed agreement. Always make sure that your contracts give you the option of offering temp, temp to hire, or contract placements as an alternative. Even if you are currently working on direct hires only, give yourself the flexibility of working on these alternative options. I had the experience of working with a client that needed to update her agreement with a large publicly traded energy company to include contract placements. The hiring manager was ready to send her job orders immediately, but it took 6-8 weeks to put the new agreement in place! This delay jeopardized making the placement and costing her money. If you don’t offer this flexibility, your clients will assume you can’t handle this piece of their business and they will turn to your competitors for help.

You can be ready to go when the opportunity presents itself if you partner with a back-office provider. This step will ensure you can act quickly to handle your clients’ requests. You can provide these services immediately if you are set up in advance. Develop a separate income stream to supplement your direct-hire earnings so you can POSITION FOR GROWTH.

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