Dear Just Ask Judy:

“I need to make sure my sales employees are as productive as possible. Is there a tool I can use that can increase their productivity?” … Diana in Detroit


Dear Diana in Detroit:

Increasing the productivity of your sales force is a sure-fire way of improving your firm’s overall productivity … and your bottom line. If you can gain an incremental improvement in productivity the effect on your business can be significant …with no addition of staff. I explored this issue with Mario Martinez, Founder and CEO of Vengreso. Mario’s firm offers an innovative tool called FlyMSG which can help streamline your sales staff’s efforts.


Mario explained that FlyMSG addresses the common challenge of repetitive messaging, which often consumes considerable time for sales teams. With FlyMSG, you can streamline this process and save valuable time every day. This tool allows you to store your repeatable messages in the cloud, and with a simple keystroke, known as a "fly cut," you can deploy these messages across various platforms and applications. What used to take minutes for each message can now be accomplished in seconds.


He noted that this automation feature is particularly beneficial for recruiters and staffing agencies as it enables them to send messages efficiently across different SaaS applications, job boards, and communication platforms. Mario clarified that “Saas” refers to “Software as a Service” in which a cloud provider hosts applications and makes them available to end users over the internet.


I asked Mario about the origin of the “Vengreso” name, and he explained that he took the Spanish words “Ventas” meaning “Sales” and “Ingreso” meaning “Revenue” and combined them to form “Vengreso”!


If you would like to explore FlyMSG further, you can find it at or email Mario directly at


I appreciate Mario taking his time to introduce us to this interesting tool. Hopefully, this will help you improve your firm’s productivity!

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