Qualities That the Best Recruiting Firms Possess

Qualities That the Best Recruiting Firms Possess

Alex Moyher | January 16, 2023

When a company decides it needs to look externally to recruit qualified candidates for its positions on a regular basis it frequently partners with a staffing or recruiting agency. These agencies offer increased efficiency in the hiring process in many ways. This is a very sought-after trait by companies because as the saying goes, “time is money,” and if a position is empty then it is not making money. The next question companies typically ask is “which specific recruiting firm or firms is/are the right choice?” This article will analyze the qualities that identify the best recruiting firms.


Industry experience/expertise is the first thing to consider when evaluating a recruiting firm. The best recruiting firm will have the expertise in the industry in which your company operates and years (if not decades) of experience placing candidates in such positions. Sure, it’s possible for an inexperienced recruiting firm or an established recruiting firm that specializes in other industries to place good or great candidates but businesses typically do not shoot for “possible”; they shoot for the highest likelihood. Recruiting firms that specialize in your industry or have a good track record of placing candidates in it are the best firms to consider.


Similar to other businesses, recruiting firms are only as good as the people who work there. How experienced are the staff of the recruiting firm? How many years of experience, recruiting/staffing specifically, on average does each person have? What is the turnover rate for the employees? What are other vendors of the recruiting firm saying about their experiences with the firm? These are all questions a savvy company will be asking to evaluate what makes each recruiting firm unique: the individuals who represent the firm.


Recruiting is one of the rare industries where follow up after completion of a job (aka placement of a candidate) is very important, even if it’s a long time after completion. By contrast, no fast-food restaurant is going to follow up with you about that hamburger you ate a year ago. But the best recruiting firms follow up to make sure all is well after placing a candidate, for both the candidate and the company that hired the candidate.


The best recruiting firms provide useful feedback. They can’t do their job very well if, for example, the job descriptions of the positions for which they are attempting to place candidates are sub-par. Such firms will communicate productively and respectfully with client companies to improve such job descriptions so they can find the best talent.


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