RealTime Services Inc.

Payroll Funding Company


All-Inclusive, Flexible Solutions for the Staffing Industry

Founded in 1994 and based in Winter Park, Florida, RealTime Services was created to provide never-seen-before support for the independent staffing community. Our name itself was specifically chosen to signify that we give our clients access to unlimited capital immediately along with the capability to cut “live” net checks in real-time.

Today, RealTime offers expanded services and more flexible options to independent staffing companies than ever before. These include payroll funding, full back office support, workers’ compensation, benefits, free state-of-the-art front office software, and more from our expert team of specialists. Our range of services exceeds our competitors and sets new benchmarks for expectations throughout our industry.

Our steadfast commitment to our clients is best summed up in our motto:

“Do What You Do Best. Let RealTime Do the Rest.”

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