Dear Just Ask Judy:

In my recruiting business I spend a tremendous amount of time and effort gathering and keeping track of candidates, posting the jobs, and getting my message out there. How can I save time? … Wondering in Windsor


Dear Wondering in Windsor:

Time is your most valuable commodity! We all spend (and often waste) inordinate amounts of time doing our work. Since time is such a precious commodity, we must do all we can to work more efficiently. This includes finding and using the right tools for the job!


To identify some useful tools, I reached out to Jessie Bouclier, Partnership Manager, at LogicMelon. Jessie’s firm has a suite of software products that likely can be of help to you. Jessie described the software packages and explained how they can make you more efficient and save you some time!


First on Jessie’s list is to use an Applicant Tracking System. These systems help keep you organized and give you access to all the information you need, all in one place.


Next, she cited a Job Distributor. Instead of copying and pasting across job boards, you can post quickly and easily to multiple sites. And no more repetitive filling out of separate fields at different sites. Imagine!


Lastly, Jessie suggested using a Social Media Scheduler. If you're trying to get your name out there and want people to see you as a resource in the industry, you need content and you need to be able to schedule it! Maybe you even need to target specific demographics!


Jessie noted that LogicMelon software can help with both the first two needs! These products can help you keep all your information in one place with LogicMelon’s “lite ATS” designed for the mid-size staffing agency or the HR team. Jobs can be distributed across over 3,000 job boards, the big ones, as well as free ones, and even niche diverse job boards, all with just a few clicks of your mouse.


LogicMelon also has partners that can help with social media issues: Paiger and Work4 can help you. Paiger has content (AI gen blogs, recruitment industry social posts, as well as a scheduler) and Work4 can use targeted demographics to advertise your job posts.


I hope this has answered some of your concerns and hope that these tools will help you become more efficient and save some time! If you would like to explore these products in more detail, or would like a demo, please contact Jessie Buclier at LogicMelon directly. She can be reached by phone at 860- 269-3089 or by email at

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