You can position your company to take advantage of a growing economy in 2020 by starting the conversation now with clients about temp and contract placements. Getting a head start is key to being able to take advantage of changing market conditions. Start now to develop your relationship with clients to offer them the alternative of temp and contract placements as a means of meeting their labor needs.

Put yourself in position now by having a contract in place which includes temp and contract as well as temp-to-hire options as a supplement to your direct hire offerings. This will enable you to meet client needs in a timely manner and without a crash effort or a “panic” response. By having your contracts and processes in place in advance you will be ready for the next business cycle.

It is possible that many companies may put direct hiring on hold until after the next presidential election. They will still have work to be done however so the demand for temp and contract services will increase. By being prepared you will become a “working” partner for your clients and not just another vendor. You will have options available for your clients so that they can continue their operations with a minimum of upset.

A significant benefit to you is that you can build an additional income stream to supplement your income from direct placements. While not the big pot of gold that a typical direct placement can be, the stream of income from multiple temp or contract placements will persist for the duration of the worker’s assignment. This may be months or even years. By developing this income stream, you can enjoy continuing cash revenue despite a turndown in direct hire placements.

We recognize the demographic trends and changes in the marketplace away from “traditional” jobs and instead toward working from home, working as a “flexible” employee, working “gigs”, or other non-traditional arrangements. With a potential deferment of direct hires in 2020, many of these positions may be filled by temp and contract placements. With a back-office provider, you can position yourself to capitalize on these trends, if you are set up in advance and ready to act when the need arises. START THE CONVERSATION!

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