Tax Credits & Rebates

Staffing Companies embrace the challenge of hiring in order to serve their clients, but all too often they don’t know that they could be earning tax credits for those very employees they hire.

The Work Opportunity Tax Credit, or WOTC, can be a powerful resource for boosting profitability when managed properly. Each employee hired could be worth up to $2,400 and in some cases up to $9,600.

Tax Credit Management, L.L.C. is proud to help our clients earn tens of millions in tax credits each year while insulating them from the bureaucracy and red tape that can often accompany government programs.

Top 3 reasons you should trust us as your Tax Credit Partner:

  1. No upfront or hidden fees! You only pay for the credits earned eliminating your risk.
  2. Minimal administrative impact. Our proprietary system integrates seamlessly with your onboarding process and only takes 60 seconds to complete our 1 page new hire form.
  3. You need a trusted partner. With strict deadlines and narrow submission windows, any hiccups in the process mean huge losses in tax credits. Our process has been developed to provide transparent accountability and ensure maximum tax credits earned for your company.

In today’s competitive market you have to fight for every penny of profit. With Tax Credit Management as your partner you will see a significant bottom line increase.

It’ll be the best “found money” decision you’ve made for your business.

To see an estimate of the amount of tax credits you could be earning, you can use our free calculator here.

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