John in Joplin

The Ongoing Relevance of Recruiters in a World of Online Resources and AI

Dear Just Ask Judy:

“With the many online resources available to job seekers and the growing presence of AI, is the role of a recruiter still relevant today?” … John in Joplin


Dear John in Joplin:

Your question about the relevance of recruiters in today’s labor market is pertinent and on the minds of many recruiters. It is essential to realize that recruiters hold a pivotal role in the labor market. Search and staffing firms provide indispensable services that remain relevant despite the increasing availability of online tools and AI.


One of the most significant advantages that staffing agencies bring to the table is their extensive network of skilled and qualified candidates. Where specialized skills are the key to success, these agencies offer a curated selection of individuals who best align with an organization's unique demands. Particularly in today's competitive job market, staffing agencies serve as a necessary means of connecting talent with need.


In addition to this, there are many administrative details that must be handled during the hiring process. Background checks, screenings, and eligibility verifications are time-consuming tasks that require both finesse and adherence to regulations. Staffing agencies excel in managing these complexities, relieving HR departments of administrative burdens, and ensuring efficient, compliant processes.


The growing interest in returning to on-site work has introduced a new layer of complexity in that companies seeking talent willing to work in a traditional office environment face distinct challenges. Skilled recruiters can identify those individuals who align with this evolving trend and match them up with suitable employers.
Even in the digital age, where direct interactions between job seekers and companies are facilitated by technology, staffing agencies continue to thrive. Their unique combination of expertise, resources, and guidance remains unchallenged. Recruiters add the “human touch” which is missing from typical online tools or ATS systems and can increase the likelihood of a successful placement.


Staffing agencies are not just relevant but are critical to the smooth functioning of the job market. The increasingly available digital platforms and AI systems serve as useful tools for the recruiter to use in concert with the human interaction they provide.

NAPS Harold B. Nelson Lifetime Achievement Award Winner