Networking with your peers and colleagues and gaining knowledge on how to improve your business has never been more important in today’s fast-changing market. The United States Staffing Association understands this need and is here to help search and staffing firm owners and managers. The USSA’s Leadership Summit kicks off on Wednesday evening, May 10th at Atlanta Grand Hyatt Hotel (Buckhead) with a welcome gathering and networking event. The following morning at the nearby Buckhead Club will feature a full day of training, including a presentation by Barb, an interactive HR Panel, and breakout sessions with industry leaders. We welcome you to participate with us in what we believe will be an informative and productive event.

The welcome gathering and networking event on Wednesday evening features internationally recognized trainer, Barb Bruno (Good As Gold Training), who will give a short presentation on industry trends. This welcoming session offers you the chance to mingle and share experiences with your peers in an informal context.

Thursday’s main event at the Buckhead Club will begin with a keynote presentation by Barb entitled “Flourish in this ever-changing workforce and workplace.” Barb will cover topics such as:

  • Value of Conducting Revenue Modeling
  • Best Use of Your Time as a Leader
  • Why “Posting and Praying” is Not Recruiting
  • How Communication has Changed
  • Seven Strategies to Consistently Increase Profits
  • Protect Yourself and Your Business

The interactive HR Panel will be composed of:

  • Rhonda Beard of Bench Builders
  • Mike O’Neil of Bench Builders
  • Catherine Gunnells of Accenture.

The HR Panel will take on some topics such as:

  • When Partnering with a Staffing Firm, How Do You Qualify One Recruiting Firm Over Another?
  • How Do You Qualify a Successful Search?
  • What is the Best Way to Communicate?
  • What is the Best Way to Build a Successful Relationship?

Breakout Sessions will follow in the afternoon and include:

  • Dave Adams, President of CareerLink Network, who will speak on “The Art of The Interview.”
  • Henry Glickel, President of Sales Recruiter, who will share with us “The Evolution of Recruitment: 50 Years of Change and What’s Potentially in Store for the Next Decade.”
  • Rick Loss, CFO of myBasePay, who will explain “How to Protect Your Staffing Firm in an Uncertain Economy.”
  • Samantha Vinsant, VP & Legal Counsel, Adams Evens & Ross will share with you “Contracts: What You Are Sending, What You Are Signing.”


Please join us for this informative and productive event, THE USSA LEADERSHIP SUMMIT!

Click on the link below for full details and registration information.


Looking forward to seeing you there!

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