The Workforce and Workplace Have Rapidly Changed – Have You?

Barb Bruno

Have you ever continued to do things the same way, even when you’re not happy with your results.  I’ve worked with many owners in our profession who want to win, hope to win, would like to win, but don’t implement a proper game plan to win.  If you haven’t changed your game plan from 2022, it won’t work this year because work, the workforce and workplace continue to change.

Covid changed everything and everyone.  Job boards are only attracting 15% of the workforce.  Flexibility and work | life balance are priorities. There is a renewed emphasis on DEI    and technology and AI will continue to drive change.

I conduct free weekly training calls for job seekers who have no idea of who I am, so they complain about us all the time.  The following fifteen realities I’m sharing with you are not my opinion, but rather what I am currently hearing from candidates.

  1. Feel you only care about filling a job for your clients.
  2. Tired of being pitched jobs.
  3. Feel we are alike – refer to us as “you people!”
  4. Confused about what we can really do for them.
  5. Have had an experience working with a recruiter.
  6. Millennials and Gen Z will represent over 70% of the workforce by 2025.
  7. 50%+ of the workforce is not working a traditional 40-hour workweek.
  8. Engagement is low, turnover is high.
  9. Often continue to interview after accepting a new job.
  10. Update their LinkedIn Profile within 24 hours after starting a new job.
  11. Don’t care what you want or need, only WIIFM (What’s In It For Me).
  12. Research your client company’s culture, core values, and philanthropic efforts.
  13. Prefer companies who embrace DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion).
  14. Prioritize work | life balance and personal and professional development.
  15. Prefer watching short videos over reading.


Once you understand these candidate realities, you will have a competitive edge over competitors who continue to interact with candidates the same way while you adapt to change.

Last year, I recreated my training ( to reflect these new realities because even proven basics and fundamentals no longer work.  I also realized that no one wants to read, so I spent months in studios creating videos.

Currently, I’m spending over 50% of my time speaking in front of your clients explaining the benefits of utilizing our services.

I’d like to now share fifteen client realities.

  1. Feel they are treated like a source of revenue.
  2. Refer to us as “you people”.
  3. Hate being bombarded with calls after posting a job online.
  4. Convinced we send the same candidates as other staffing firms.
  5. Don’t understand when we stopped “recruiting”.
  6. Stopped giving feedback after interview – tired of arguing with us.
  7. Only care about WIIFM (What’s In It For Me).
  8. Feel we charge as much as possible and increase salaries to increase fees.
  9. Don’t know anything about their company, before we contact them.
  10. Disappear when problems occur.
  11. Never follow up after a hire is made.
  12. View us as a vendor.
  13. Know the three objections that get us to hang up.
  14. Expect us to fill 100% of the job orders and contracts they give us.
  15. Feel we don’t communicate well and are often not honest.

Once you understand these client realities, you will have a competitive edge over competitors who continue to interact with clients the same way while you adapt to change.

If you are not sure which change would have the greatest impact, set up a call with one of our experts by calling our office at (219) 663-9609) and discuss your challenges and goals.  We may be your solution or not, but you will benefit greatly from the conversation which will focus100% on your priorities.

After you speak with one of our experts, we will also send you a Personal Branding Whitepaper that you can use to differentiate yourself when reaching out to both candidates and clients.


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