Dear Just Ask Judy:

“How has the use of LinkedIn changed in the last few years for executive recruiters?” … Inquiring in Dallas


Dear Inquiring in Dallas:

Your question is of great interest to recruiters since LinkedIn has traditionally been the favored medium for professionals to interact with each other. To delve a little deeper into how the use of the platform has changed, I spoke to Mary Ann Markowitz of Mary Ann Markowitz & Associates, a top ranked recruiter in the accounting and finance sector.


Mary Ann explained that the game of finding a job via Linkedin has changed drastically in the last two years. Comparing now to two years ago, executive recruiters have emphasized the value of LinkedIn relationships and interactions with potential candidates. She noted that executive recruiters constantly strive to find the best talent for their clients. Finding the best candidates requires understanding of the current trends and practices of using LinkedIn and ensuring that the recruiter takes full advantage of the platform. No longer is it enough to post a job and wait for candidates to apply. Instead, successful recruiters must take the initiative and add value to their network beyond a job post. This could include responding to comments, and even creating polls to get feedback from the community. By using these techniques, you help create more meaningful conversations with potential candidates and you get to know the candidate beyond a resume.


LinkedIn claims recruiters get a 300% higher response rate with InMail versus regular emails. Mary Ann commented, however, that potential applicants sit on these emails and respond long after a search is complete. You still pay for the option, but it is questionable whether someone just starting should invest in this service.


Summing up, Mary Ann emphasized that recruiters must proactively follow up with potential candidates. Only some people will respond to the job post, so recruiters must take the initiative to reach out to potential candidates and continue to nurture the relationship. This could involve following up with the candidate after an initial conversation or simply sending a message letting them know you are still looking for them and are interested in their candidacy.


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