With all the different communication media available to us we might ask ourselves: “why text at all?” Well, there are many good reasons to use texting. The most important of these reasons are:

  • People avoid phone calls, with only 5% answered.
  • Emails get lost in the inbox clutter, with only 15% opened.
  • Social media posts are mostly missed, with only 2% organic reach.
  • Direct mail goes in the trash!


To combat this and to jump on quality candidates before your competitors do, you need to text.


Why? Here are a few statistics in favor of texting:

  • Virtually every text is read, with 99% read rates.
  • Instant engagement, with 90-second response times.
  • Actionable, with 50% response / click-through rates.


Candidates are used to fast-paced, mobile, digital-first experiences. They want to text you!


To cite some common use cases, let’s consider the following:

Lock-In Quality Candidates. You can jump on quality candidates before your competitors. Texting lets you efficiently and quickly confirm job applications, keep candidates informed, and schedule interviews, meetings, and calls.


Expedite the Recruitment Process. There’s no such thing as a one & done application process: you receive important details faster when you ask for them over text. Necessary details such as references, availability, and certifications and application skills are readily transmitted via text.


Book Interviews. Don’t miss a quality candidate by waiting for them to see an email or voicemail inviting them to come to an interview. Via text you can easily share calendar links or web forms to book, schedule, confirm, remind, and reschedule an interview appointment, and fill last-minute openings.


Nurture Applicants. With texting you can help candidates be as prepared as possible! People have questions and they would rather text with you about inbound questions, quick tips and reminders, and status / interview updates.


Follow-Ups and Check-Ins. Don’t waste time and lose potential new hires to another business. To guard against this texting can provide reminders and touch points throughout the process, applicant follow-up and scheduling, and confirm contact information.


Onboarding. With texting you can smoothly guide new hires through the onboarding experience by providing links to forms, sharing information prior to start date, and confirming dates, time, and locations.


Answer Common Interview Process Questions. You can streamline responses to interviewee questions by texting office directions and parking information, typical questions covered, and include images and links for extra impact.


To sum it all up, you can use texting to maximize your productivity and to ensure that your time is well spent. Take advantage of the benefits offered by texting and grow your business! Learn more at www.Textrequest.com

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