YouTube – a Recruiting Toolbox Essential

Steve Icenberg

Those in the know predict 2023 will be a job seekers' market, challenging HR departments to fill open positions. We're all in the same boat—scanning the horizons for promising talent. And that talent we're all looking for, they're looking, too. They're perusing each company's total package, weighing the pros and cons, and comparing each job opening with their unique skillset.


Whether actively seeking a new position or casually scanning open opportunities, most adults scroll through social media. And 63% of active job hunters have applied to jobs they found on social media sites, including 48% of Millennials and GenZ.


Enter YouTube, a site that both active and passive job seekers frequent in droves. In 2022 alone, this app experienced 154 million downloads, making the platform one of the most downloaded mobile entertainment apps worldwide. If that many people are hanging out on YouTube, can your company afford not to have a presence there? The answer is unequivocally no.


The jury is in – social media is popular because it fosters connections. But those connections aren't birthed overnight—they require some wooing via appealing, relevant content and a personal touch. It's a different kind of personal than a phone call or a shared coffee break. It's a new type of personal connection created via a digital link. But it's still personal—and quite appealing in its way.


Note that a NOW HIRING video campaign can't be a company's first venture on YouTube if your company wants positive, measurable results. It's essential to take the right steps in the right order. Establish, build, engage . . . and then launch a recruiting campaign.


Create a YouTube channel for your company—actually, it will be a Brand Account with multiple managers. Verify the account with a telephone number, and you'll be ready to showcase the work-a-day world at your company. Because your insights into daily office life will entice would-be candidates, start posting engaging hiring videos. But we're getting ahead of ourselves—which is so easy to do with the exciting recruiting potential YouTube offers.


Let's get back to building your brand. Ponder your company's personality along with its quirks. Those unique qualities should feature prominently when you create a visual profile via short videos that—

  • Capture a day in the life of employees.
  • Offer a tour of various departments.
  • Highlight the technology your company uses.
  • Introduce new services and products.
  • Celebrate off-site activities like picnics, ball games, and Christmas parties.


In other words, feature an appealing aspect of the workplace and do it imaginatively, engaging, and cool—you know, all the things you like in video content. Oh, and let's not forget memorable. What makes a video stick in your mind? What makes you show it to others? That's the reaction you should invoke with your company's channel.


So, what's the goal? Be known for an engaging mix of relevant, entertaining, and helpful content that lures people back because they know they'll never be disappointed.


Now, transform these thoughts into attention-grabbing recruiting videos. Using the same personality emphasized across your channel's content, reach out to potential candidates with your exciting job opportunities. Present your company's best in culture, benefits, perks, community involvement, and industry standing. Mingle these recruiting clips with more brand-building, engaging content. Because when you're busy recruiting, never stop brand-building. It's the lifeblood of your corporate structure.


Discovering the best candidates will be a challenge, but you can navigate the struggle expertly with YouTube recruiting in your staffing toolbox.

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